My Week In Tweets – Sad, Bad and Downright Disgusting

My Kettle

My kettle – it’s seen better days…

My personal highlight of the week was descaling the kettle. “Highlight” in this particular instance meaning the single event that took up most time with the least satisfying results and the maximum curse-inducing consequences.

Soaking your kettle in vinegar does NOT remove limescale (unless there’s an industrial-strength version available in hardware shops I’m unaware of). Thank you anyway to the tree-hugging eco-blogger who gave me that tip. It DOES, however, leave a stink in the kettle that no amount of re-filling with fresh water and boiling will remove. It’s also bad for marital relations when beloved returns from work, brews a cup of tea and promptly gags (tip for new army wives – get his brew right and he’ll love you forever).

Here’s the rest of my thrilling week in Tweets.


Google Analytics should offer condolence messages with stats: “Don’t feel bad”, “A for effort” or “Cover your eyes!” might help. #Sad


Parenting dilemma: nutritious but time-consuming dinner? Or quick meal with option for quality time before bed? #NotEnoughHours.


Now subscribed to so many “must-read” blogs and forums, no possible way of actually finding time to work.  Focus: What earns me money again?


#ItAlwaysSeemsLike I figure out technology a week before they upgrade it.


Guess the product? (over-hyped ad copy): “Super-charge your run”; “Engineered technology”; “Aerodynamic design” It can only be…SOCKS!


Eco-tree-hugger tip: “Remove limescale from kettles by soaking in vinegar”. Want another tip? don’t bother #Stinks! Useless & disgusting


Rare praise from the children for cooking “real” chicken, referring to roasting a whole bird instead of breast fillets.  “It’s juicy!”

See you next time…perhaps I’ll have given up and bought a new kettle by then.


About Mandy Cochrane

I'm a control freak but I'm also a pushover, I cry too easily but don't cry when I really need to, I'm a workaholic but too lazy to do the things that really matter. I'm a whole mixed up bag of conundrums. I'll work it all out one day. Probably.

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