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Eat a Carrot – Save the World?

Vegetarianism is Good for the Planet

Here’s a conundrum for anyone who cares to give this some thought. Maybe I’m being sublimely obtuse, but the opening paragraph of a recipe feature in May’s edition of Ideal Home Magazine has got me totally stumped. Read the rest of this entry


Our Big Fat Lives

A pair of In-N-Out cheeseburgers.

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Last week the news reported the latest bunch of experts telling us the nation is going to be full of fatties by 2030 if we don’t stop eating crap food in bucket-sized portions. The experts’ report, which appeared in The Lancet, blamed “changes in society” for our poor diets. The BBC dug up a couple of overweight, tired-looking housewives who, when interviewed, explained that cheap food was “quick and easy, we can’t afford nuffink else.” Read the rest of this entry