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Christmas Does NOT Start in November!

Christmas postcard, 1911

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It’s an accepted fact of life: gastro pubs will start touting for Christmas party bookings while your summer holiday snaps are still wet from the printer; tins of Christmas chocolates will appear on supermarket shelves the moment pumpkins have been removed; shop windows the length and breadth of the High Street will be festive and twinkly long before you start Christmas shopping.

Businesses start touting early to get their slice of the pie. I get it. I don’t like it, but I get it.  And it’s really not that difficult to ignore it all until I’m good and ready.

Shops and pubs and supermarkets have this theory that if they start telling us it’s Christmas earlier and earlier each year we’ll believe it and start shopping like the frenzied zombies we do actually become when we eventually decide it’s time to take Christmas seriously. Until recently, I’ve genuinely felt that, for all the commercial hype, most people are sensible enough to ignore the pressure and begin the festive countdown at a sensible date. Or after 1st December at any rate.

Is it really too much to ask that Christmas at least happens in December? Read the rest of this entry