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My Pride and Prejudice Week in Tweets

"To assure you in the most animated langu...

"To assure you in the most animated language" - Mr. Collins proposing to Elizabeth. Austen, Jane. Pride and Prejudice. London: George Allen, 1894. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh, if only I was Elizabeth Bennet – gay, witty, clever, always quick with a pithy retort or an astute observation. I fell in love with Lizzy when I was about 14¬† and have remained so ever since – in fact my daughter’s middle name is Elizabeth. I must have been going through a bit of a Regency phase at the time because her first name is Georgina – rather grand, eh?

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve read Pride and Prejudice. I particularly enjoy the anticipation of reaching a favourite chapter, at which point I get all squirmy and force myself not to skip read in order to reach an instance of Mr Bennet’s famous dry humour or a moment of high drama in Lizzy’s love life. And Mr Collins’ absurdities¬† are always worth savouring.

That Single Slummy Mummy is Tweeting as girl detective Nancy Drew this week (go take a look), so along a similar theme, I’ve decided to Tweet a week with some memorable lines from Pride and Prejudice. Read the rest of this entry